Saturday, November 3, 2012

Top GPT Sites

PrizeLive is undoubtedly one of the best GPT sites out there. You complete offers, do PTCs, surveys and play games to earn points. You are rewarded with INSTANT Paypal payments! Most of the offers credit and are easy to complete.

Minimum Cashout: $1
Rewards: INSTANT Paypal, Check, Amazon Gift Card, Custom Order - Your premier source for freebies!
R1 is a great site. The thing that makes it stand out is the community. They are very helpful and there are members who have been on here for awhile and they will answer any questions you might have. In addition to surveys, offers and polls, you can earn points from searching the web with their search engine. The rewards are varied and if you are a teen, this is a great site for you since they have many game codes. Once you redeem a code or a gift card, it is sent to your email within a day usually. 

Minimum Cashout: $5
Rewards: Game Codes (i.e. Xbox Live, MSP), Gift Cards, Paypal/Check, Custom Order

On P2S, you complete surveys and offers to earn points or cash. You can redeem your points/cash for any product on Amazon.

Minimum Cashout: $1 Paypal
Rewards: Any Item on Amazon

Search & Win
Earn points from searching the web, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers and playing games. 

Minimum Cashout: $5 Paypal
Rewards: Gift Cards, Electronics, Home Appliances, Jewelry, Etc... There are MANY rewards to choose from.
Earn cash from shortening links! You earn a commission whenever someone clicks on your link.

Minimum Cashout: $5 Paypal/Payza

Postloop Free Forum Posts
Get PAID to post on forums! Once you are accepted to post for PostLoop, you earn points for each post which can be redeemed for Paypal. You can have fun and earn money at the same time.

Minimum Cashout: $5
Requirements: Good English Grammar and Writing Skills

The thing that sets PowerSurveys apart from most other sites is that there is NO MINIMUM to cashout!

Minimum Cashout: NONE! You can convert to Paypal at one cent.
Rewards: Paypal, Check, Custom Amazon

PR has many daily cash surveys and offers to complete. The community is active and helpful.

Minimum Cashout: $5
Rewards: Many Items From Amazon

Complete offers and daily surveys to earn points or cash.

Minimum Cashout: $1
Rewards: Game Codes, Gift Cards, Custom Amazon, Paypal

Earn money from clicking on paid emails and doing surveys,offers and searching the web.

Minimum Cashout: $30


Get views, subscribers, comments and likes for your Youtube channel. This site is better for getting subscribers. Create a secondary Youtube account to use for this.

As with the site above, you can get views, likes, subs, etc... for your Youtube channel. However, you can also redeem your credits for Paypal if you have a VERIFIED Paypal account. It takes around 7 days to process the payment requests. This site is better for getting views.

This site has been improving with a new and more active admin.

Minimum Cashout: $1
Rewards: Instant Paypal

Minimum Cashout: $1 Paypal
Rewards: Disney e-gift card ($25), Amazon gift card, Paypal, Serve

Complete offers, daily surveys and PTC offers to earn points. Points may be converted to cash and cash may be converted to points. They also have weekly and monthly offer/referral contests.

Minimum Cashout: $1
Rewards: Paypal, $5 Amazon, Payza, Liberty Mutual

Earn points from watching videos, completing offers and filling out surveys. Points can be exchanged for instant gift cards, custom orders, and Paypal payments.

Minimum Cashout: $1 Instant Paypal
Rewards: Instant Gift Cards, Paypal, Custom Order

This site may have a high minimum cashout but there are bonuses such as the $1 sign up bonus and you also receive $1 for every 10 credited offers each day!

Minimum Cashout: $10
Rewards: Amazon Gift Card, Check, Paypal, Serve, Toys R Us Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card

Get paid just to click links! You can also complete easy offers to earn even more.

Minimum Cashout: $8 Paypal/Payza/Liberty Mutual

Another PTC. You can also purchase advertising for your website. Low minimum cashout.

Minimum Cashout: $1 Paypal

Minimum Cashout: $1 Paypal
Rewards: $5 Amazon Gift Card, Paypal, Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, Serve

Great GPT. No minimum Paypal. Low priced rewards.

Minimum Cashout: None
Rewards: Gift cards starting from $0.15, Custom order

Get paid to like Facebook pages! Up to $0.04 per page you like!

Minimum Cashout: $1 Paypal

This site has very cheap advertising rates.

Minimum Cashout: $0.02 Paypal

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